Our Address

7625 Eureka Place, Halfmoon Bay, BC. Parking is limited. There are a few parking spots up and down the street. If full, please park on the side of the road but be careful of the deep ditch. Bring a flashlight as there are no street lights.

Show Hours

Now Closed - The show will reopen in Dec 2024 and run from 4:30 to 8:30 Sun to Thu and 4:30 to 9:30 Fri and Sat. The playlist is regularly updated with different songs at different times. Scan the QR code on the driveway post with your phone to pick the next song.

Be considerate and safe

The show is best seen standing on our driveway. If your prefer to watch from your vehicle, tune your radio to 99.7FM. When you come out of your vehicle, be careful of the deep ditch on the far side of the road.

Bring Food Bank Donations

Spread the cheer around! Bring non-perishable items for the Food Bank. Money is even bettter, please make a donation at sccss.ca/get-involved/donate.

Home of the Sugar-Plum Salmon

Over 16,000 computer-animated lights synchronized to music

A sequence from the 2022 show

For over 40 years, at the beginning of December, the town of Sechelt, BC, has held a celebration to turn on the Christmas lights along the streets. A mainstay of this event is a singalong of the song Light the Lights, which the Dickson’s wrote and recorded in the 1990s. I first heard the song in 2018 and thought it would be an excellent fit for our light show. I mentioned this to Lynne and Reg when I saw them at a concert, and they graciously agreed to lend the master CD from which I created this sequence.

Here’s an article about Lynne and Reg’s nearly three-decade involvement with the Light the Lights event.

The above is an abridged version of the song. Hear the full version here.

Light the Lights

Select comments from previous years

Best lights on the coast! Thank you for making this holiday tradition extra special each year! – Tristan

Thank you for what you do, and building a display for the community – J&D

Amazing!! Thank you guys for all the effort put in! My kids danced up a storm in your driveway! – Leah

Fabulous job and just a wonderful presentation! – Doug

So nice of Paul to do this every year! My kids love it! – Adriano

I love all of your Christmas videos and light shows. You are so talented! What a wonderful blessing you are to all who know you. Merry Christmas. – Christine

Thank you for making Christmas time special with your display!! We love coming and seeing all the lights each year!! – Collette

Your Christmas lights are the most amazing lights we’ve ever seen. Even my husband, who can be a bit of a Christmas humbug, said they are fantastic, the best light show he’s ever seen, and is telling everyone about them. – Helen

I love your show but mostly your sense of humour and your generousity . . . you give a great gift to anyone silly enough to drive that far to see a wacko-awesome experience. – Ross

Your lights are beautiful! The salmon are my favourite. – Chelsea

I have 2 boys (5 and 7), and they love it! Actually…my wife and I do too! Thanks for a wonderful show! – Chris

My husband and I were so impressed that we brought the family back to watch. The work you have done is unbelievable. Thank you! – Heddy

A fantastic show! Thank you for putting so much effort into something for strangers to enjoy! Happy New Year to you. – Monica