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See you again in early December 2018

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Listen to the Music

If it's raining or too cold, stay in your car (turn off your headlights), and tune your radio to 99.7 FM. Otherwise, get out and walk around, so you can see all of the display & listen to the music live.

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Be considerate of our neighbours

Our neighbours are very patient with us. Please don't park in their driveways, idle your car, litter or make too much noise. Thanks!

Over 18,000 computer-animated lights synchronized to music

Here’s a sequence from our 2017 light animation show. Check out our video page for more videos from past years.

A Rocking Number from the 2017 Show

Recent Comments

Thank you for making Christmas time special with your display!! We love coming and seeing all the lights each year!! – Collette

I love your show but mostly your sense of humour and your generousity . . . you give a great gift to anyone silly enough to drive that far to see a wacko-awesome experience. – Ross

Your lights are beautiful! The salmon are my favourite. – Chelsea

I have 2 boys (5 and 7) and they love it! Actually…my wife and I do too! Thanks for a wonderful show! – Chris

My husband and I were so impressed that we brought the family back to watch. The work you have done is unbelievable. Thank you! –¬†Heddy

A fantastic show! Thank you for putting so much effort into something for strangers to enjoy! Happy New Year to you. – Monica